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Preventing Scratches in Hardwood Floors

When you compare it to any other type of flooring material, hardwood is unfortunately the most susceptible to scratches from moving furniture such as chairs and tables. If you intend on keeping your hardwood floor for any considerable length of time, it’s important to keep it properly maintained and for potential damage to be minimized. […]

Unconventional Floor Options: Cork

If you own a home, chances are that you have either carpet or hardwood flooring. To the layman, it might even seem as if these are the only two options available to any homeowner. At Classic Floor Designs, however, we offer a host of other choices, one of them being cork floors. What is a […]

Vacuuming 101

Classic Floor Designs on Saturday, November 28th, 2015 Plug it in. Turn it on. Vacuuming is really that easy, right? Well, there might be just a bit more finesse to this routine chore including how, exactly, to vacuum those tricky shag rugs and how to get the perfect W cutline. Check out this video to […]

Ceilings: The Fifth Wall

Traditionally, homes come standard with white ceilings. Utilitarian. Nondescript. But consider for a moment that the surface of the ceiling is a wonderful place to make a statement. Doing something different, even drastic, allows for an opportunity to showcase your style in a completely new way. Go bold with a dramatic color. Or punch it […]

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2016

Classic Floor Designs on Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 Autumn is one of our favorite times of year. Not only can we get the perfect spiced pumpkin latte, don our new boots, and cozy up with a soft scarf, but it is also that time of year when color trend forecasts for the coming year start […]


Not all the same as old school shag rugs, genuine Flokati rugs are soft underfoot, with ultra high pile fibers, and they just beg to be enjoyed barefoot! The original Flokati rugs are made from sheep’s wool, but synthetic versions are also popular in the marketplace. The natural color of a traditional Flokati rug is […]

High Point Market Fall 2015

In October, the home design industry held an event comparable to New York’s Fashion Week – the High Point Market. This assembly of over 75,000 design authorities including merchants, stylists, and other professionals in the home design industry results in a trade show like no other. The aim of the event? To glimpse first hand […]

Four Ways to Protect Your Floors This Winter

Winter brings harsh weather and with all that ice, snow and rain, our floors can take a beating. Following these four guidelines will help keep your floors in great shape all the way through the season. Line of Defense #1: Keep walkways and driveways clear of snow, ice and debris. The less there is to […]

Make a Statement

An area rug grounds a room, creates a defined border, and provides for softness underfoot. While the role seems simple, the styling is key. Large neutral rugs create blank canvases to enhance boldly upholstered pieces of furniture, but the addition of a boldly chosen area rug as a statement piece truly changes a space. Graphic […]

Serene Spaces

Our homes serve as our refuge from the world. The busy world continues outside as we arrive home at the end of each hectic day. We cross the threshold, kick off our shoes, and prepare to unwind. Try these tips for building serenity and calm into your spaces: Color definitely affects our mindset. Soothing colors […]